About me

As freelance developer & Scrummaster I am always looking for the challenging projects. I have a lot of experience, both as developer and Scrummaster so it takes a lot to rattle my chain. I love technology and therefore my job, so if you have a project that requires serious attention, give me a call.

Please have a look at my LinkedIn page:  http://nl.linkedin.com/in/sunsear Be aware that I only connect to people I have met in the flesh.

My Skype account is mvdijken, but I use it for work mostly. Please don’t expect lengthy conversations from me via Skype.

I twitter freely and mostly about software development. Feel free to follow me, I have an open profile: sunsear


One Response to About me

  1. Bella Maria says:

    Hi Martin,

    Bij toeval kwam ik op je blog. Super leuk om te lezen. Ik ben van RYP in Amsterdam en wij verzorgen al enige jaren bemiddeling tussen freenlancers en opdrachtgevers. Mocht je hier intresse naar hebben kan je contact opnemen of mij toevoegen op linkedin.

    Bella Maria

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